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5.8GHz technologywide band for transferring highend and HiFi audio Operating range: 100 feet without obstacles Mic/Line inputs allows a wide range of audio sources Realtime headphone monitor jack Rechargeable 7.2V/1040mAh Li battery included PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 5.8Ghz provides high quality audio Records audio up to 30m away with no obstacles Automatic channel switch programme to avoid interference from multiple systems in the same environment. With three discrete channel groups One receiver can work with up to three transmitters simultaneously Line & Mic inputs provide wide range of input options Realtime headphone monitor jack Detachable and flexible antenna can be rotated 360 accordingly for best sound Rechargable liion battery included VmicLink5 the first wireless microphone system that operates on the 5.8GHz wave length a frequency uneffected by UHF and VHF transmissions. Never worry about audio interference again even in the busiest environments. The VmicLink5 always gets perfect reception because the 5.8 GHz SHF frequency band soars above the noise! How it Works The VmicLink5 works just like any other wireless microphone system with one important difference. Nearly all existing wireless microphone systems utilize the VHF or UHF frequency range resulting in situations with considerable audio interference. Instead of VHF or UHF the VmicLink5 system uses the 5.8GHz super high frequency range. This SHF wireless transmission allows you to get highfidelity audio with no interference. No other commercially available microphone systems broadcast on this frequency which ensures you get incredible clear audio thats free of interference or audio distortion. The VLinkMic5 system connects directly to your DSLR mirrorless or video camera straight out of the box. Just plug it in match frequencies and you're ready to go!


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